About Colin J Lacy

Stuff and stuff:

I’ve been working with web-based technologies since late 2009.  I started off by learning HTML, CSS, and PHP – building WordPress sites on a freelance basis, learning the ropes of the website business while I taught myself application development.  

These days I’m a software architect at GE, working on applications that are distributed across mobile, web and desktop, for field engineers, repair shops, engineering teams, and asset data mining centers.

I’ve given presentations on offline-first, Angular best practices, Couchbase integration, and even taught intro classes on software development. Most of my projects lately revolve around modular front-end applications and building towards a better automated CI stack.

Things I’m totally interested in:

  • Pubic speaking about software and application development
  • Meeting for coffee
  • Hearing about an app idea and pointing you in the right direction
  • Mentoring budding developers
  • Sharing my experiences with different technologies
  • Learning more stuff

Things I’m not interested in:

  • Building that app idea in exchange for equity
  • Debating X-framework over Y-framework
  • Bro-gramming.  With bro-grammers
  • Being a sales-lead into GE