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Website Development in New Orleans, by Colin J Lacy

A longer explanation than needed...

I'm a lover of all things web, plain and simple. I taught myself the internets by pouring tirelessly over complicated texts, pulling out endless amounts of hair as I built up a tolerance for endless rivers of code. One day I hope to know everything there is to know about the internet, and I plan mark my culmination with some technologically updated re-enactment of the Lawnmower Man. Although I'll settle for something more realistic if need be. I like helping businesses grow - both large and small - and building them website that they want to show off.

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What Sets Me Apart...

Responsive Design

Responsive Design, Every Time

A fully flexible responsive layout is included with every custom-built website. It's better for me as the designer to include it rather than offer it as an add-on, and results in a better product for my clients.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

I build custom e-commerce solutions that allow my clients to take the extra step and sell their products online, through a secure purchasing platform. Your customer never leaves your site, making for a clean, professional purchasing experience.


Professional Photography

Many websites need photo images to help enhance the brand message. As a published photographer, I can help you get the images you need by packaging photography sessions into your site's construction process.

From the Developer's Journal

The Story of the Private Bower

March 15, 2015

So I made the commitment not too long ago to start on a Django project as a way of fulfilling a long-time need, and a way into learning me some Python in the process.  I like MVC, I like what I’ve seen Python do so far, and I don’t like having to pay to keep up […]

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Client-Focused Website Development

Maintaining a good relationship with my clients is the most important focus of my business. Many of my clients have become close friends. Several even attended my wedding.

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